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    I'm more than a job. Find out about me through my interests and hobbies. These days I'm mostly into movies, reading, comic books, television shows and video games. I create lists for most of these and work through them. It's fairly organized, just the way I like it, and gives me something to look forward to. I'm a big fan of growth and seeing progress. Most of my projects include a list and also some form of measurement for my progress.


    There are two clear sides to me. The side that enjoys certainty and organization, the other side is about adventure and new experiences. Trying new things is a joy of mine. They are all great experiences in their own way. Some of my fondest memories come from doing something new without a clear outcome. These adventures could be trying new food, a new hobby, a new destination, a new sport, a new activity or anything else that I come across. I also love being surprised.


    I'm constantly coming up with personal projects and challenges. A while ago, I decided to write a blog where each day I would write about something for which I was grateful. The catch was that I wrote about something different each day. They were concepts, objects, emotions, etc. It got me looking at the world in a different way and appreciating the things all around me and the things I might be taking for granted.


    Look around and find out more about me. I'm putting myself out there, but I haven't decided if the goal of this website is to feed my ego or if there is some actual personal growth to come of it. It's all part of the adventure.

  • TV Shows

    I don't have cable. When I watch a TV show, it's usually a whole season at a time.

    Arrow Season 5

    Looks like there's a new team.

    Flash Season 2

    Flashpoint has things all messed up!

    Supergirl Season 2

    It's a pretty fluffy show, but I find it entertaining nonetheless.

    Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

    What happened to Rip?

  • Video Games

    These are the games that I'm currently working through.

    World of Warcraft

    After a long hiatus, I'm going back to Azeroth.

    There have been a lot of changes since I last played it 9 years ago. The game is quite nerfed, but max is now level 110 which makes it less daunting to hit the max level.


    I'm running a level 84 Blood Elf Hunter currently through Cataclysm content. I also got a great tip to keep an alt sitting at the auction house just for selling off items. It's working really well.


    Did I mention that I love flying? Flying mounts are awesome! Water mount is awesome! I will gladly spend all of my gold to go faster.


    I've gotten a little ambitious and started one character of each class and I've started at least one of each profession. The whole team is leveling at the same time. Each character is named after a breakfast cereal, so naturally they are Team Cereal. Each character is at least level 40 at the moment. Yay everyone has 100% ground riding!

    Cooking Frenzy

    It's a guilty pleasure. More fun than my other guilty pleasures.

    I've unlocked:

    Fast Food Court (completed)

    Bakery (completed)

    Sports Bar (completed)

    Hell's Kitchen

  • Books

    These are the books that I'm reading. I like to escape into fiction, but also learn something from non-fiction.

    James Patterson - 12th of Never

    The next book in the Women's Murder Club series. (12th one)

    Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

    I feel like I have pleasing personality and I need to learn how to leverage that better. However, maybe I just have a large ego that needs to be reigned in.

    I've learned the 3 principles of how to handle people. Some very good insight that I'm trying to put into every day practice.

    Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success

    Originally published in 1928.

    A friend of mine wants to start a Mastermind group based on teachings in this book. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it. The book is thick with a long introduction, but I'm up for the challenge. It's interesting material, but the writing is terribly clunky and in bad need of an edit.


    So far I'm getting a lot of out this book and making some changes as a result.


    I have reached the chapter on Accurate Thought. 'You can if you believe you can.'

    Robert Kiyosaki - Guide to Real Estate Investing

    This is for an investment vehicle that I'm looking at.

    Now that I've the Philosophy of Cash Flow, it's time to learn more about real estate investing.


    I'm on chapter 6.

  • Movies

    Every Tuesday I look to see what movies came out on DVD. The ones that pique my interest get added to my list of movies to watch. The list usually sits around 100 movies or so. I don't get to the theatre as often as I would like.

    The Grinch - Live Action

    I never saw this version until now. I thought they did a great job.


    It was interesting, but tough to watch someone have such a hard life.


    How many WWII movies has Brad Pitt made?

    I read the book and, of course, the book was much better. The movie is like a terrible Mission Impossible knock off. Considering the main character in the book is 6 foot 5 and weighs 250 pounds, I'm pretty sure there could have been a better casting choice.

  • Comic Books

    My ambitious project to read from the beginning of the DC and Marvel universes in comic books.

    Current month - August 1940

    I'm currently reading Marvel Mystery Comics, Action Comics, Adventure Comics, Superman, Whiz Comics and Detective Comics and more....

    Notes on the project

    I started out wanting to read Action Comics from the very beginning at #1 to see how Superman develops. Then it dawned on me that other titles and characters would crossover at some point. Since that's the case, I figured that I should read from the beginning about the other characters in other titles as well. Most of the comics from the Golden Age are anthologies and these are thick issues with a lot of stories in each. All of the anthologies from that time make it difficult to figure out which stories I want to read and which characters to follow. As the months go by, I'll be reading about more heroes and I'm not sure at which point there will be too many comic books to read in a month to keep catching up to the current date. I may have to cut out certain titles and/or be selective about sticking to the main continuity of each universe. Regardless, I don't have access to everything and some titles or issues will be dropped as a result.


    I've created a spreadsheet which, so far, lists all of the comics I want to read until the end of 1941. My best guess is that it will take me at least a year to get through the 1940's. I'll have a better idea once I work out the issues to read for the decade, but based on my extrapolation the number of issues to read each month will increase fairly quickly. My only saving grace will be if there all less anthologies going forward.

    Feature Writer for CBSI

    I also write a monthly article for www.comicbookinvest.com called Previews Review. I had to give this up as it was taking up too much time that I wanted to devote to other projects.

  • Cooking Project

    I'm no good in the kitchen, but I've always wanted to cook my way through a cookbook. I found one called Fun Food Fast. Right up my alley so we're giving it a whirl because the recipes are simple.

    Tropical Smoothie

    Apple juice in smoothie? Why not.

    Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

    Honey in a smoothie. Love it!

    After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back at it.

    Cheesy Chive Omellette (with Basil)

    Cream cheese in an omellette is a great flavour. Not sure how I was expected to spread it around.

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