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    These are the books that I'm reading. I like to escape into fiction, but also learn something from self-help. It turns out there is a lot to learn in this world. As a teenager, I thought I knew everything. I was off a little bit on that one. The self-help books are generally about business, self-improvement, motivation and other topics that catch my interest.


    Here are the current books that I have on the go:

    You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero

    I'm reading this with my wife because yes, we are.

    James Patterson - NYPD Red 2

    The installment for the Private India office.

  • Recently Read

    Moz Staff (Randy Fishkin) - The Beginner's Guide to SEO

    This field has attracted my attention and I want to learn more in depth techniques. It's right up my alley in terms of how I like to approach work.

    James Patterson - Private India

    This one didn't grab me like some of the books in the series.

    James Patterson - Burn

    A Michael Bennett book.

    James Patterson - Unlucky 13

    The 13th (obviously) installment in the Women's Murder Club

    James Patterson - Private Down Under

    A new Private office open in Sydney, Australia.

    Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson - The (New) One Minute Manager

    Short and sweet.

    The saying goes that: 'you don't quit your job, you quit your boss'. After reading this, I see that this is true and I have left jobs because it wasn't fulfilling, there wasn't enough feedback or direction. If the simple techniques in this book are applied, I strongly believe that employee retention at pretty much any company would vastly improve.

    James Patterson - Private L.A.

    The 3rd Jack Morgan book and 6th in the Private Series.

    Robyne Baruchel - The Stage Parent Survival Guide

    My daughter is getting into acting. My limited experience won't be enough to prepare me.

    James Patterson - Mistress

    One of the standalone books.

    Some people enjoyed this book, but I found myself trying to figure out why I care about the main character.

    Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success

    It took me almost two years to get through it. Every page contains valuable information.

    It's a long book and I've only completed my first pass. I'll need to keep consulting it in order for the lessons to sink in. Any lessons that I apply to my life will only serve to improve it and further my goals. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful, not only in wealth, but to feel great in your own skin.

    James Patterson - Hope to Die

    21nd book in the Alex Cross series

    Now I have to find out how the story ends that began in Cross my Heart

    James Patterson - Cross My Heart

    21st book in the Alex Cross series

    First of two parts.

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