• Cooking Project

    I'm no good in the kitchen, but I've always wanted to cook my way through a cookbook. I found one called Fun Food Fast. Right up my alley so we're giving it a whirl because the recipes are simple. Below you'll see the last few recipes that I've made.

    Apple-Bacon French Toast

    The apple bacon mixture tastes great. It really appeals to my sweettooth.

    Not sure why they thought the mixture should go 3-4 minutes on high in the microwave. I did 2 x 1 minute and not only was it really hot, but it went all over the place.

    Tomato Tuna Linguine

    I was only making it for 2 so had to alter the recipe from 6 servings. I would add more of the veggies next time.

    Tropical Smoothie

    Apple juice in a smoothie? Why not.

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