• TV Shows

    I don't have cable. When I watch a TV show, it's usually a whole season at a time. I cut the cord and am no longer wasting time with cable or satellite. Don't get me wrong, I still find ways to waste time but it's usually furthering one of the interests you'll see throughout this site. I no longer catch myself watching reruns of Friends or Seinfeld which was getting to a point where I knew all of the lines in the episodes. It was a sign that something needed to change. The cable bill will not be missed, but I can tell you that I no longer have the patience for watching television that includes commercials.


    Here are the current shows that I'm watching:

    The Big Bang Theory - Season 11

    (11 episodes)

    Dark Matter - Season 1

    Don't know what to expect. It's based on a comic book which is why it made the list.

  • Recently Watched

    Jessica Jones - Season 2

    Really good season. I quite liked how there wasn't a specific villain.

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