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    Find out about me through my interests and hobbies. These days I'm mostly into movies, reading, comic books, television shows and video games. I create lists for most of these and work through them. It's fairly organized, just the way I like it, and gives me something to look forward to. I'm a big fan of growth and seeing progress. Most of my projects include a list and also some form of measurement for my progress.


    There are two clear sides to me. The side that enjoys certainty and organization, the other side is about adventure and new experiences. Trying new things is a joy of mine. They are all great experiences in their own way. Some of my fondest memories come from doing something new without a clear outcome. These adventures could be trying new food, a new hobby, a new destination, a new sport, a new activity or anything else that I come across. I also love being surprised.


    I'm constantly coming up with personal projects and challenges. A while ago, I decided to write a blog where each day I would write about something for which I was grateful. The catch was that I wrote about something different each day. They were concepts, objects, emotions, etc. It got me looking at the world in a different way and appreciating the things all around me and the things I might be taking for granted.


    Look around and find out more about me. I'm putting myself out there, but I haven't decided if the goal of this website is to feed my ego or if there is some actual personal growth to come of it. It's all part of the adventure.

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