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AdVenture Capitalist completed - walkthrough and tips

I have finally completed AdVenture Capitalist, the game I thought would take a few days to complete has taken a few months. This game hooks you with some quick unlocks achieved, but they slow down fairly quickly. There are 3 planets to complete at the moment - Earth, Moon and Mars. I completed Mars first, then the Moon and finally the Earth. The game is simple and easy to learn, but there are some strategies you can use to make the end come faster quicker. This game includes some pay-to-win features where you can pay actual money to buy in-game gold that will speed up your progress. I didn't pay any real money to win the game and ground it out the hard way.

Here are some tips: You start with the Earth and that's where you want to put most of your effort since that one is the longest planet to complete. It's slow at first as are all of the other planets and events. On any planet, get the Managers as quickly as you can. This ensures that each item you open will produce the maximum amount of cash and let you walk away from the keyboard while making money. Keep an eye on items and click them for an unlock as soon as you can. Again, this increases your cash flow. Pay attention to the unlocks that will give you the best increase like 2x everything and 30x one thing. Upgrades are also important so get those when you can as well. It's all about compound interest - the quicker you earn the more you earn long term. That being said, as soon as you can unlock the Moon and Mars, the better. Get them accumulating money as soon as possible for long term growth.

Then there is the angels. The more money you accumulate on each planet, the more angels will accumulate on each planet and each angel will increase the money you make. However, you have to start over (reset) to get the angels, but that's okay. It seems to take forever to get that first angel, but once they start to roll in you know that you're doing well. I probably wouldn't bother to do your fist reset for angels on any planet or event until you've reached at least 100 angels. You can reset every time you double afterwards. N.B. When you reset, make sure you have some time allotted to be near your computer since have to start over and it's going to take an hour or two to get back to the point before the reset. If you can't be near your computer when you reset, keep accumulating angels and reset when time allows. This will maximize your profits. This is one of the keys to the game - timing the resets makes all the difference. Plan ahead.

As you play the main planets, you will accumulate Gold and Megabucks. Spend the gold in the store on multipliers for the planet, but also get the blue suit. Do not spend any gold on things that are not permanent enhancements. After you get the blue suit, spend 50 gold to get the 12x multiplier (best value) for a planet. (Be careful when you purchase because the multiplier will apply only to the planet you were on when you entered the store.) I would suggest Earth first and then spread it around to another planet when you accumulate another 50 gold. Don't bother using gold on anything else. As for Megabucks, these are best obtained from the Currency Exchange. Keep checking the Currency Exchange to see if you can trade to money for Megabucks. You can do this for each planet. Each time you obtain 10 Megabucks, you can permanently upgrade an item to gold on one of your planets and give it an earning boost. Again, I suggest doing Earth first and starting with the item that makes you the most money. Once you've upgraded every item on a planet to gold, they all turn Platinum giving each item a permanent boost of 7.77. Once the Earth reaches Platinum do the same for the Moon and Mars. When all of the planets are Platinum, further increase the Platinum on Earth to the next level - 17.77, 77.77, 777.77 and 7777.77. If you still have some Megabucks leftover and haven't finished the Moon and Mars then further upgrade those as well.

Mars has an added feature where you can boost the planet for a limited time. You can keep clicking on the timer and keep the boost going for as long as you're willing to click. When it runs out, you have to wait a few hours to do it again. The best time for the Mars boost is shortly after a reset when you're trying to get back to your pre-reset levels.

The last item to mention is the events. There are currently events that are run at least monthly, but sometimes more often. I thought these were just a distraction at first until I realized that you can earn gold and Megabucks by hitting certain criteria in the event. Make sure to get all of the gold and Megabucks for each event to really speed things up for you.

At the end of each planet, you have the option to reset it. I was happy enough to walk away, but who knows.... I may have to go back on and see how quickly I can finish the planets now that I know better.

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