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Adventure Comics #55 - Genuinely Sorry

I love some of the language they use in Golden Age comics. Below is a perfect example of how the text is written in a way that doesn't quite sound like it would appear in a comic book today. To be fair, Adventure Comics #55 was written over 75 years ago and language has changed. Also, back then comic books weren't as mainstream and I doubt that writers expected their books to be collector's items into the next millennium.

If I poke fun at Golden Age comics, the images or the language, please realize that I mean it to highlight how the medium and our society has evolved over the decades.

Without further ado, the image below is the final panel for the Sandman story that appears in Adventure Comics #55 (1940). In it, a police office is apologizing for shooting the Sandman. The officer shot him on purpose because he thought Sandman had switched sides and was working with the bad guys. It's a good thing they can bury the hatchet because the officer was 'genuinely sorry'.

The Golden Age is chock full of similar examples and I'll keep them coming as I notice some good ones.

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