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Arrow Season 1 complete & review

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I've finished watching season 1 of Arrow. While I did enjoy it, the format is a superhero soap opera. One soap opera device the shows uses a lot is the 'show up at someone's home and they are always there waiting to open the door for you'. The show takes place in the present day where everyone has a cell phone, yet somehow the unexpected drop-in seems to be the norm. No advance text or call to see if the person will be there when you go over or if it's a good time. When the unexpected drop-ins happen, why don't people use their peepholes at the apartments? Why is it always a surprise when they open the door? Unless it's a bad guy, then they might look through the peephole. That part is hit or miss when bad guys show up. Don't get me started on the mansion. It's supposed to have tight security but people seem to appear in the living room unannounced all of the time.

As with most TV shows of this nature there are plot holes. If Malcolm's wife Rebecca lay dying, but had the presence of mind to call Malcolm several times and leave a voice message, shouldn't she be smart enough to call 911? Also, she got robbed, but they didn't take her cell phone? That is just one example that stands out, but it drives the motivation for the villain.

I like the show, but you definitely have to suspend belief to enjoy it. It has decent character development and the backstory on the island rounds out the character nicely. The writing is quite cheesy at times and I'll give a few eye rolls each episode. It's clearly made for network television.

I'll be biased in my reviews because I enjoy the superhero genre and I like watching them come to life.

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