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Batman #1 - some interesting panels

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The panel below taken from Batman #1 (1940) is one of the creepiest ones that I've come across. I've seen a lot of Joker stuff, but this one really stands out in the issue containing the Joker's first comic book appearance.

batman 1, joker

What fourth wall? In the panel below, Batman is speaking directly to the youth of the day and giving very dangerous advice. I'm not sure taking on bad guys because they don't have guns is the best idea. The previous panels show a terrible social experiment putting the Boy Wonder purposely in harm's way to show that if bad guys don't have guns you can easily take them down.

batman, fourth wall

The issue also contains Catwoman's first appearance. During her unmasking, Batman gives her the following warning....Where does that come from?

catwoman, batman, spanking
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