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Batman: Arkham Origins Brief Review

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Mostly this was a great game. You could tell that it was done by a different studio from the other 2 instalments. The game play was very familiar and worked just as well as the previous iterations. The story was interesting and I enjoyed the origins and backgrounds of the characters.

Chasing down the datapacks and the side quests were a good complement to the main story. The only element that I would reproach were the Anarky tags. There is no way to know how many are needed to complete the challenge and no way to know which ones have been 'spotted' other than searching online.

There was a fairly major issue with the gameplay when I completed a fight and entered the next room. As I entered the room it didn't load properly and Batman just falls through a void. I couldn't get to a different save point or free Batman from his predicament. It was only after seeking help online that I found out the issue was fairly common and a fellow gamer named JonAMano was able to offer some solutions. After trying his fixes without success, he asked me to send him my save file so that he could put Batman in a different area. This worked perfectly and I'm very grateful that there are gamers out there willing to help out those of us who are not as tech savvy. Otherwise, the game would have rendered unplayable. There were other video glitches as I worked through the Blackgate Prisoner side quest, but those could be worked through.

All in all a great game, but it would be nice if the Joker wasn't always the main bad guy. Batman has a rogues gallery of villains to choose from. Let's give it a little variety.

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