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Candy Clicker Pro - Review/Walkthrough

Not a great clicker game.

The short of it is that the game is boring. Clicker games tend to slow down and have less to click as the game progresses, but this one really slams on the brakes. After a short while you only have to click on something every few hours and the next achievements or boosts are extremely far in between.

I didn't actually finish the game. The game runs on the Unity Player which doesn't seem to be recognized by all browsers after being installed and I was running it on IE. After slogging through most of the game I had to reboot my desktop and when I tried to load the game again it was looking for the Unity Player to be installed. I reinstalled it and it was recognized, but my progress was wiped out and I had to start over. I couldn't bear the pain of it again so I moved on to a different game. Note: Unity Player is no longer supported and their website provides you with the last stable version to download.

If you still insist on trying to get through this mundane clicker, there's only a couple of tips that I can provide:

  • Upgrade to the next blueprint as soon as you can to boost your CPS.
  • The CPS for each type of candy maker varies quite a bit as the game progresses. Put your clicks into the ones that give you the most CPS. Farms and Replicators are the big ones.
If you manage to complete the game, let me know. I'd like to think it's possible and you have more patience than I do.
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