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Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection - Interview

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I've completed it!!

After more than 2 years and through blood, sweat and tears, I have finally completed all 17 games in the collection and all 352 missions. This took a longer to finish than I expected as it is when life gets in the way. I played each title in order of release date by year, completing each campaign and all of the missions.

My favourite game out of the collection? Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. The units, the gameplay and the cut scenes make this game and the whole Red Alert series stand out above the rest. Red Alert 3 also featured a co-op mode which was well done and an interesting twist. My first initiation to the franchise was the first Red Alert and I was hooked right away. The only reproach that I have for the game is that they went with a different actress for Tanya. The original Tanya was pretty intergral to the game and fit in well with the storyline. The newer version with all of the makeup seems out of place on the battlefield.

My least favourite game out of the collection? Command & Conquer: Renegade. This was a terrible attempt at a first person shooter. I found it midly amusing to be on the ground as one of the grunts as opposed to the usual bird's eye view of an RTS. Other than that, the graphics were terrible (even for the time), the gameplay was clunky and the story was terrible. It's easy to see why there was no sequel.

Biggest twist to the collection? Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. This game deviates from all of the RTS games in the collection. Unfortunately, this is likely why the franchise died and was an anti-climactic way to end the journey as it was the last title to be released. The twist in this game is that instead of building a stationary base like all the other titles, you get a 'Crawler' which is mobile and keeps spitting out units, but you can only have a limited amount of units at any one time. Besides the graphics really lacking, I found this model of play to be tedious and very limiting. I feel as though they cobbled this title together at the last minute in an effort to revive the franchise, but failing miserably to impress. Also, the actor that plays Kane really let his physical appearance slip since C&C 3 and the character seems a lot more crazed this time around. This last ditch effort should not have seen the light of day.


1. The older games are meant to be played on much older operating systems. Be sure to PATCH if you can. I had to contact EA while playing one of the titles and I had to tweak some settings on my video card for the game to work. I was very impressed with the customer service to provide support for such an older game. EA impressed me on that one and I will tell anyone who asks.

2. SAVE OFTEN. The older games crash a lot even when patched. There's nothing more frustrating than working through a tough mission and having to start over because the game crashed and you didn't save for an hour. Do yourself a favour and save, save, save. This is most important while playing the older titles. Especially the original Command & Conquer.

I don't know if I'll play any of the titles again, but I really enjoyed working my way through all of them.

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