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Cookie Clicker - Uncanny Clicker Tip

A workaround (hack?) for PC's

I've been spending a good amount of time playing Cookie Clicker lately. This game has a fair amount going on as opposed to Candy Clicker Pro. I've done a lot of reading up on this game to try and figure out the various elements. You can easily find tables and formulas online that get technical by examining the code. I'm not nearly that ambitious or tech-savvy. I play clicker games because I like to see numbers grow and it's pretty mindless. Cookie Clicker has some great bonuses, mini-games and different stages. There are a lot of metrics to track and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to an actual end to the game.

While I'm sorting that out, I was going through the list of Achievements to see which ones I could easily take care in order to increase my Milk level. Uncanny Clicker is an Achievement that you can accomplish if you click really quickly so I gave it a shot. For a long time. Without cheating. Didn't work.

I couldn't click fast enough on my mouse with one finger, two fingers, the 'twitch' method? or the 'drum roll' so I found an alternative method that is simple and not a hack per se. If you press LEFT SHIFT + LEFT ALT + NUM LOCK it will give your keypad the power of your mouse. Then rapidly pressing '5' and '+' will unlock the achievement. This worked for me and I'm clearly not a fast enough clicker any other way.


I have also been activating the keypad for faster clicking during Frenzy from the Golden Cookie.

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