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Cooking Fever - Gem Hack

Here's a great tip for getting more gems!

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So you're playing Cooking Fever, the free mobile app from Nordcurrent, and you're quickly realizing that to get anywhere in this game you need gems. Lots of gems! Now you're wondering how to score more gems and how to keep them coming without having to put in any real money.

You'll need to get coins and gems to buy upgrades and open new restaurants. Here are some quick tips for getting coins:

1. Each time you complete a level, you get coins.

2. Each time you level up by getting enough experience points you get coins.

3. Each day that you check into the game you get coins and it will increase for consecutive days from 400 coins on Day 1 to 900 coins on Day 7. Don't miss a day or you have to start again on Day 1.

4. Every 24 hours you can claim coins from each restaurant that you have unlocked. The claim amount increases for each level that you have completed.

5. You can try your luck at the casino, but in my experience you can't win enough coins to make up for the coins you have to 'invest'.

6. If you need more coins, you can redo as many levels as you like.

Getting coins is really not an issue once you complete levels, do the check-ins and claim your coins each day from your restaurants. Gems however, are the issue.

Here are the more traditional ways to get gems:

1. Each time you level up by getting enough experience points you get from 4 to 7 gems.

2. After 7 consecutive days of checking in you will get 2 gems on top of the coins. You will also get 2 gems for every day that you check in consecutively afterwards. As noted above, if you miss a day you will have to start over with only the coins from Day 1 and you will have to build it up to 7 consecutive check-ins to get your 2 gems.

3. You can also score gems from the casino. If you bet 500 coins, you can get up to 15 gems. Apparently you can only get 15 gems every 24 hours at the casino and it costs 5,000 to 20,000 coins to get these. This is an expensive way to get gems especially towards the beginning when you don't have that many coins to spare.

But there's one more way to earn more gems that isn't exactly...part of the game...

You can earn 5 gems each time you use the following steps:

1. Exit game.

2. Turn off Wifi and/or disconnect from your network.

3. Go to the Settings on your phone or tablet.

4. Go to the Date/Time setting on and move the date forward one month.

5. Open Cooking Fever.

6. Reactivate the connection to your Wifi or network.

7. Profit! I mean, get 5 gems for 'being away' from the game for a while. (You can also claim the coins from each of your restaurants.)

You can keep repeating steps 1-7 and keep moving the month forward until you have all of the gems you need. When you're done, don't forget to set the date back to the correct day. Another time, if you need more, follow the steps again and rake in the gems!

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