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Death Knight is active!

World of Warcraft

Okay, this might not be exciting news to everyone, but I've finally got my Death Knight activated. Why is it a big deal to me? As you know, I've created a character for each class in World of Warcraft. I'm leveling them all together so they can help each other out with professions as well since I have at least one of each profession going as well. It's a bit of a complicated mess frankly, but it works. Since patch 7.3 the leveling has slowed down quite a bit, but the game play is actually much better. When I say that the game play has slowed down quite a bit, it's an understatement when you're leveling 9 characters at the same time. (There are 12 classes minus the Death Knight and Demon Knight (98) and also my 85 Hunter.) Playing 9 characters at once means a lot of repeated quests. A lot. Leveling them all at the same time means that I barely have to farm for any materials for the professions and they make a lot of gold from selling off mats that are no longer needed.

My excitement comes from starting a new character with new skills and talents, but also doing a new starting area and fresh quests.

The Death Knight starts at 55 and as my other players reached that level it was time to start playing this new character. She's named Cheeryos to go with my cereal theme. Each character is named after a cereal.

Now I'm working on leveling her professions to get up to get caught up with the other guys. Yes, some farming is involved.


Now that my characters are all 55 or higher, this project is past the halfway point. (Until the expansion in the fall.)


The next milestone is level 58 for the characters. As soon as they start to hit that level it's time to send them to Outlands! That will freshen things up again, but I'll also start gathering Outlands mats which I need pretty desperately to keep leveling the professions as they have stalled out.

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