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I completed the latest replay event in Adventure Capitalist. It cost 35 gold to replay the Valentine's Day event. I had enough gold saved up so I decided it would be worth it to spend the gold because it was likely that I would get more out of it in Mega Bucks, Gold and there was also a Red Suit to be obtained. I got the Red Suit easily enough, but it gives a 2% boost to angels. This sounds fine, but I already have the Blue Suit and it gives me 3x to everything. The Red Suit is kind of useless since the Blue Suit gives a better suit and I can only use one at a time. Fortunately, by completing the event, I managed to get some Gold and Mega Bucks which got me that much closer to the next boost for Earth in Platinum.

I'm getting close to completing Earth. One more solid event should give me the extra boost and that should carry me over the finish line.

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