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Marvel's Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad almost started out at Marvel?

The Suicide Squad we know

There's no question that the Suicide Squad we all know and love first appeared in the pages of DC Comics. The original team first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #25 in September 1959. The modern team was formed in Legends #3 in January 1987. The team has gained in popularity in the last few years and the team got their own movie with some big names attached to it. I'm confident that putting Harley on the team helped them get more attention.

Here' s where the team almost got its start

I couldn't dig up all of the facts, but the Suicide Squad was mentioned in comics much earlier than their The Brave and the Bold appearance in 1959. The first time I could find that a Suicide Squad is named in comics takes places in the pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #16 (cover date of February 1941/released December 1941). 

In those pages, the Human Torch is called into the Mayor's office where he exclaims that he wants the Torch to head up the new department called he is forming. This new branch was to be called The Suicide Squad. The Torch readily accepts!


Then a whole bunch of planes start flying over the city to drop propaganda leaflets, the Sub-Mariner also enters the scene and the whole idea of the Suicide Squad is never mentioned again.


That's it. That was Marvel's brush with the Suicide Squad. This beg the question: Who would have been on Marvel's Suicide Squad?

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