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Money Clicker - Guide and Tips

A new kind of clicker/incremental game where you make real money!

If you've been following this website for the last while, you've probably noticed that I get sucked into a good number of clicker games. Recently, I stumbled across an incremental game that pays you actual money when you progress. This is game is Money Clicker.

The user interface is extremely basic with no animations. However, it has numbers to look at and that's why I enjoy the clicker games so much. The numbers.

I'm going to make the review short and sweet so that I can move on to the guide and tips faster.


Make real money

Completely free (there are no micro-transactions available)

Simple to learn

Clean user interface

Easy to set up account - just need an email and a payment account (Paypal, FaucetHub or Bitcoin Direct)


You make money slowly

There are a lot of ads as part of the gameplay

Things start off slowly and there is no way to speed up gameplay other than in game earnings

Only available on desktop/laptop, no mobile/tablet version.

That's the short version. I'll break down the game further with details below.

The first thing you want to do is sign up with a referral link as that will deposit $0.10 into your account right off. Here is a referral link you can use. Signing up is easy as you only need an email address (that will be verified) and choose a username and password.

Promo codes can also add cash to your account. Here are some active ones:

  1. FREE5 – You’ll earn an extra $0.05 in your account. Simple.
  2. FRESH – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can only redeem this code if you didn’t use any other promo code when you signed up for the site.
  3. 7DAYS – Free $0.05 added to your converted balance. You can use this code once your account is 7 days old.
  4. 30DAYS – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can use this code when your account is 30 days old.
Between codes 1 and 2 (or a referral link) you should start off with at least $0.15 in your account.

The currency in the game is MCC (1,000,000 MCC = $1). There are 4 ways to earn MCC from the Earn Money menu:

1. Free roll: Every 24 hours you can select Free roll and click Roll! for a number between 1 and 10,000 which will give you 1 to 10,000 MCC.

2. CPU miner: This passively uses up some of the resources of your computer to 'Hash'. This can run in the background earning you some MCC. I get the impression that your computer is being used to mine for cryptocurrency, but that remains to be verified. Each Hash will earn you some MCC. You can increase the Threads and the Efficiency. As you increase the Threads and the Efficiency it uses up more and more of you computer's resources. I wouldn't recommend running it high for very long.

3. Offline Miners: In the store, your can purchase some miners that will get you 1 of their designated resource (stone, coal, bronze, etc) once every 24 hours. This is an easy, passive way to get MCC.

4. Mine Resources: This is the active way to gain resources in the game. When you start off, only the Starter Cave will be available and you can only get Stone and Coal from it. There is a level threshold and amount of MCC needed to unlock the other 10 caves. As you enter the Starter Cave, you will see your level, your XP and your energy. Every time you click the Mine! button, you have a chance to get a drop of either 1 Stone or 1 Coal. (You may get Nothing as well.) Every time you click the Mine! button, you also increase your XP by a certain amount and decreases your energy by 1. Your energy bar will replenish slowly over time. It takes 24 hours to go from zero to a full energy bar. Each time you level up, you get a full energy bar and a higher energy maximum.


Note: Mining resources will require you to navigate ads and pops ups. That's the action in the game. I recommend not clicking any of the ad links as they could be malicious. Playing this game is a little like living on the edge. :)

Tip to kickstart your game: Increase drop rate for Mine Resources by changing the Ad Type in your profile. You start off on Normal, but can increase to x2 Resources on Annoying or x4 Resources on Very Annoying.

The Inventory tab is where you'll find all of the resources that you've mined and you can sell them for MCC.

The Store tab is where you can increase drop rates, sell prices, etc. Here's a quick rundown of what you can do in the Store:

Energy Upgrades: This replenishes a portion of your energy. I don't recommend this to start as the amount of resources it costs will not be regained by the amount of energy you get. In later mines, this could prove useful as the drops will be more valuable.

CPU Miner Upgrades: Get more MCC per Hash with this upgrade. Increases the MCC for this passive income method. Can be beneficial if that's how you want to use the computer resources.

Level Upgrades: Gain more XP from Mined Resources. This will help you level up faster to unlock more mines.

Increase Drop Rates: You get a higher drop chance for the resources. I highly recommend investing to increase Stone early on and throughout the game as it can be mined from all except the highest mine.

Increase Resource Price: Sell your resources for more MCC. This pays off quickly and again, I highly recommend investing to increase Stone as it can found in all except the highest mine. Stone also has the highest drop rate by far over other resources. Spend your MCC here to really boost your the value of the resources you gather.

Offline Miners: Purchase a miner that will gather one resource for you every 24 hours. These can be individually upgraded to gather more resources every cycle and you can also shorten the cycle.

Timeout Upgrades: Upgrading this will make your energy replenish itself faster. Good to upgrade if you're finding that you don't have enough energy and you're always running out.

Referral Upgrades: This is an expensive upgrade, but certainly worth it once you have players that sign up using your referral link.

Technical Upgrades: Really expensive that can help your game in later levels when you have a lot of energy to use and the ads and captcha are slowing you down.

How to get the most out of the game at the beginning?

1. Enter the Promo Codes to get instant $.

2. Increase the drop rate for resources by changing the ad setting in your Profile.

3. Put some MCC into Increase Resource Price in the Store, specifically Stone. Stone has the highest drop rate and can found in almost all of the mines.

Once you've gathered enough MCC and are looking for that all important cash out, from the Dashboard you can convert your MCC into $. Select Withdraw when it's time to have Money Clicker send you a payment.

At the end of the day, yes you can make money playing this game. Will you get rich? I highly doubt it, but the top weekly players make $20-$40 and that's decent money for just playing a video game.

If you've enjoyed this guide and want to try the game, please use my referral link to sign up and you'll receive $0.10 in your account.

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