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While reading through some old comics, I've come across some interesting findings. The first one is in More Fun Comics #31 published in May 1938, there's an ad for Action Comics #1. (Action Comics #1 is published June 1938.) For those who like to be technical, this is an earlier appearance of Superman in comics than his widely known first in Action Comics #1. I believe this ad also appears in 2 other issues published in May 1938.

Ironically the ad notes ' You'll miss the treat of a lifetime if you fail to buy a copy.' Definitely some truth in that advertising.

The second one is in Action Comics #12. It's from the Zatara strip of that issue. It's of note because it contains a panel of 2 women kissing (to seal a peace treaty.) While the 2 women are from a 4th dimension and probably not technically humans, I have to imagine this was pushing the boundaries for its time. When was the first kiss between 2 women in comics?

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