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Robert Kiyosaki - Guide to Real Estate Investing

My review

I've finished reading Robert Kiyosaki's Guide to Real Estate Investing from the Rich Dad Education series. The copy that I had was a few years old and I took that into account when reading about the various tools and marketing techniques.

Over the years I've done some basic research into real estate investing and I had a broad stroke understanding of how it all works. This guide provides a more in depth look at a lot of ways to get into real estate investing and gives a much firmer grasp of the pieces of the puzzle involved. It's written for the U.S. market in terms of rules and regulations but I suspect most of it applies to various countries as well. The guide stops short of giving legal advice and strongly recommends that you get professional advice from a lawyer, banker, real estate agent, etc. to better understand how things work in your particular jurisdiction.

I had always considered getting into real estate investing to mean buying and renting, or buying to flip for a profit, but it turns out there are more ways to seek profit such as lease options and wholesaling. Each option has its own set of pros and cons which the guide does a good job of outlining.

For myself, I now have a better understanding of how much time and effort would be involved to get into real estate investing. I'm not sure it's for me. I see a lot of risk and playing with big numbers which makes me wary about getting into it. I have a lot projects on the go and adding this type of thing would take away too much from everything else.

I expect a lot of people looking to get into real estate will find this guide quite useful. There is a lot of information and I feel it would send an investor out into the world with a fairly decent understanding of the real estate industry. The way I see it, the guide provides about 75% of the information needed with the rest coming from specific industry professionals in a targeted jurisdiction.

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