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I've been working on Adventure Capitalist for a few months now. I thought the game would take a few days at best. Mars was easy enough to complete, but the Moon and Earth have taken a lot longer. I have the game running all of the time and open the window every time I'm near the computer to do some clicking. I wasn't doing the events originally because I didn't see the point of playing them for a short period of time just to get medals. However, when I found out that you can get gold and Megabucks then I was all for it so that I can upgrade my Moon and Earth. The latest update is that the Moon hit a real turning point over the weekend and I restarted quite a few times over the last couple of days. I'm now only 1 unlock away from completing the Moon! The Earth still has almost 100 unlocks to go, but I've upgraded to the Platinum x777.77 multiplier. Let's see if it helps.

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