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Watermelon Evolution - Walkthrough

for the game by Evolution Games gmbh

I love the Evolution angle to these games. It's a pretty simple concept that sucked me in so that I would work to see what the next Evolutions would be.

The point of the game is to combine 2 smaller same Evolutions into larger ones. Then keep combining 2 of the same to get higher Evolutions and so on. This goes on until you reach 33 different Evolutions. Getting to the next Evolution becomes increasingly difficult, but Watermelon Evolution presents a way to make this process much faster.

Following the mechanics of the game, I suggest buying as many Upgrades as you can. Magnets are particularly useful, especially for World 1. Spend all of your Coins on the Upgrades to start. After a while you will only be able to buy Upgrades with Gems. Only use your Gems to buy Upgrades. Nothing else is worth spending Gems on.

After you have spent as many Coins as you can on Upgrades (and you can only spend Gems on Upgrades) move on to the Shop. Now spend all of your Coins buying the highest Evolution possible.

Note: Gems are useful also for Upgrades. They can be gained by leveling the blue Gem bar at the top. The more Coins you get, the faster you fill the bar. Tap on the bar when it's full to get a boost and a Gem. When you reach certain milestones, you will get Gems from the notebook in the top right hand corner. Keep an eye out for the red ! indicating that some Gems are ready to be collected.

HOWEVER, the best way to speed through the game is to watch Videos. At the top of the screen an icon will appear every so often with an image of an Evolution with a silver and red Play Button. Tapping that icon will show you a video after which you will receive the Evolution that was shown in that icon. This is great because the Evolution you receive will only be a couple of Evolutions lower than your current highest Evolution. (i.e. If your highest Evolution is 10, then you will receive a 7 or 8.) Getting this free Evolution will also bring up a screen that allows you to get you more Evolutions if you keep watching Videos. You watch 5 more Videos for a total of 6. The first 3 Videos will get you one of the 7 or 8 Evolutions from the example above each time. The next 3 Videos will get you an Evolution that is one level higher each time.


For example, if the first 3 Evolutions are 8 each, then the next 3 will be 9 each.


After combining the Evolutions from watching the Videos, you should have some high level Evolutions. When the icon appears, tap it again to get more free Evolutions. Before you know it, you'll be at the God level.


Tip: If the icon at the top of the screen doesn't increase in Evolution when your reach a new higher Evolution, head to the shop and look at the highest Evolution there. It should have the silver and red button for watching a Video on it. Tapping on this and watching the Video will bring up the same menu to receive the 6 free Evolutions.

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