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World of Warcraft - Progess Update

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WoW is a time sink and you'll be waiting a long time for me to write a post that exclaims how I've finished the game. Besides, I have yet to define the exact criteria for me having completed the game. Since the Battle for Azeroth is coming out in August and I'll have more content to get through, I'll be that much further from the end. Hence, an update post is warranted.

I have one of each class and all of my characters are at least level 58. I was pretty excited to get these guys to 58 so that they could walk through the portal and start running around Outlands (plus the Druid got Flying for Travel form.) Outlands is great because it has a more updated look and feel with a whole new set of mats to upgrade everyone's professions.

I have a spreadsheet set up that tracks the character levels, professions and mats needed. I think I would be pretty lost without it.

  • The average character level is 63 (which includes my Hunter at 85 and the Demon Hunter at 98 that has yet to be played)
  • The average profession is 321 (which includes zeroes for the Demon Hunter)
  • The lowest profession is the Death Knight's Mining at 279
  • The lowest production profession is Jewelcrafting at 302
  • The highest production profession is Inscription at 376
  • The highest overall profession is Skinning at 515 on my Hunter, but he's at level 85
  • There are currently 5 professions under 300
The next big milestone to look forward to is level 60 when everyone gets flying. I should have enough gold saved up to buy the Riding Training for anyone.
The Demon Hunter won't be active for another 40 levels.
I guess that's it for now. I'll see about doing these posts more regularly when everyone increases at least one level.
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