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World of Warcraft - Progress Update

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Outlands is great and doing the same quests 10 times isn't getting tedious. Yet.


Here's the latest update on my progress:

  • All of my characters are level 59 or higher
  • The average character level is 64 (which includes my Hunter at 85 and the Demon Hunter at 98 that has yet to be played)
  • The average profession is 322 (which includes zeroes for the Demon Hunter) Note: this is only a 1 point increase from the last update because there was typo on my spreadsheet and one character was 100 points higher than they should have been
  • The lowest profession is the Druid's mining at 300 (up 21 points)
  • The lowest production profession is Jewelcrafting at 306 (up 4 points)
  • The highest production profession is Inscription at 376 (no change)
  • The highest overall profession is Skinning at 515 on my Hunter, but he's at level 85 (no change)
  • All professions are now at 300 or over (there were 5 below 300 previously)

All of my low level guys are questing in Hellfire Peninsula. The next big milestone to look forward to is level 60 when everyone gets flying. I should have enough gold saved up to buy the Riding Training for everyone.

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