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    Every Tuesday I look to see what movies came out on DVD. The ones that pique my interest get added to my list of movies to watch. The list usually sits around 100 movies or so. I don't get to the movie theater as often as I would like however they have installed recliners in most of the theaters in my city and they have reserved seating. It's still worth it to experience the big budget action movies on the big screen.


    I've done some background extra work for some made-for-TV movies because I really enjoy seeing the movie making process and being behind the scenes. If I could say a line in a movie and have a credit, it would be a dream come true.


    Here are the last few movies that I've watched:

    Fighting with my Family

    I thought it was a lot more fantastic than it probably was. What do I know.

    Avengers: Endgame

    I enjoyed the heck out of this movie. It wraps up this phase of the MCU quite nicely.

    Billionaire Boys Club

    Reminds of Very Bad Things, but based on a true story.

    Ocean's Eight

    The job was too clean. Not enough adversity.

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I can see why it wasn't a huge hit because it had a singular storyline and wasn't as epic as the main installments, but I liked it.

    Avengers: Infinity Way

    Preparing to see Endgame!

    Book Club

    Lighthearted movie in the tried and tested formula.

    Bad Samaritan

    It had a hard time at the start, but improved once it got going.


    Finally saw this movie. Was pretty much as expected. I can see the timeless appeal.

    American Animals

    Very interesting perspective on a story that actually took place.


    Pure fun.


    I was expecting a good action flick where I could suspend disbelief, but that movie is ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense. The writers were overpaid.

    Captain Marvel

    It's not Wonder Woman, but still great. I think the hype set the bar too high.

    Ready Player One

    Having read the book beforehand, I expected something a little different. This movie needed more character development and it all felt rushed. The virtual world also gave the movie too much of an animated feel as opposed to a virtual reality.

    Tomb Raider

    I haven't played the video games, but I'm sure this movie is further removed from the original films. However, I enjoyed the better proportioned main character and gritty story grounded in reality.


    I'm either getting over this genre of movie or this was poor casting of the ensemble and terrible execution. Leslie Mann was the only reason I watched the whole thing.


    A silly movie made up of tons of sub-plots that make if fun to watch.

    Red Sparrow

    Great movie. A lot going on.


    I was on board during the movie until it got weird. If you saw the movie, you know what I mean.

    Game Night

    Stupid as expected, but enjoyable. Not used to seeing Rachel McAdams playing a ditzy character and I found it doesn't suit her well.

    12 Strong

    It takes a special kind of human being to take on that kind of mission without any second thought.

    Death Wish

    Great action and really graphic.

    The Post

    All star cast puts on a good performance, but the story is pretty dry.

    Maze Runner The Death Cure

    Entertaining but couldn't really remember the second part of the trilogy.

    the vanishing of sidney hall poster

    The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

    There was more to this story than I thought there would be.

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