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    I don't have cable. When I watch a TV show, it's usually a whole season at a time. I cut the cord and am no longer wasting time with cable or satellite. Don't get me wrong, I still find ways to waste time but it's usually furthering one of the interests you'll see throughout this site. I no longer catch myself watching reruns of Friends or Seinfeld which was getting to a point where I knew all of the lines in the episodes. It was a sign that something needed to change. The cable bill will not be missed and I can tell you that I no longer have the patience for watching television that includes commercials.


    Here are the shows that I'm currently watching:

    One Strange Rock - Season 1

    Really interesting show. I would have paid attention in science class if it were so vivid and dramatic.

    Jessica Jones - Season 3

  • Recently Watched

    The Punisher - Season 2

    The season was really well written.

    Daredevil - Season 3

    The season took a pretty dark turn, but very enjoyable.

    Iron Fist - Season 2

    It was better then season 1 until the wheels feels off at the end.

    Luke Cage - Season 2

    Was impressed that it ended with a lot of closure.

    Game of Thrones - Season 1-8

    I expected the unexpected at the end and that's what I got. I'm happy.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Season 5

    This season included a lot of story lines and I found it really enjoyable.

    The Flash - Season 4

    Arrow - Season 6

    Change it up a little with a drinking game where every time someone lies, says 'trust' or makes a promise, everyone takes a drink. You'll be drunk each episode.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Season 3

    Please tell me we're done with Damien Darkh

    Supergirl - Season 3

    I'm still really impressed with the casting of the main character.

    Gotham - Season 4-5

    Gotham before there was a Batman.

    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17

    We needed a reality show to watch. Something with a competition aspect to it so we can root for people and try to guess the outcomes. Not sure how people handle the pressure of being on this show.

    The Big Bang Theory - Season 11-12

    I like the ending. I'll be watching the reruns for some time to come.

    I Am Frankie - Season 1

    I started watching this with my daughter and yes, it's cheesy but somehow I kept watching. Bonding with my daughter? Maybe. The story has more depth than most other shows in that genre.

    Dark Matter - Season 1 - 3

    This had an interesting premise, but was cancelled after the third season and clearly the writers expected a fourth season. You've been warned.

    Jessica Jones - Season 2

    Really good season. I quite liked how there wasn't a specific villain.

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