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    I'm a casual gamer and I play for the fun of it. I get sucked into all kinds of games and genres. Here's a list of the video games that I'm currently working my way through.

    Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

    Browser game.

    It's a free to play MMO RTS browser game. There's a lot to do at the beginning and a steep learning curve. I'm not used to playing games that have just been released and having to sort out the nuances without being able to look things up online.


    It's a lot of fun. Definitely recommend even if you're not a GoT fan.


    Lord is level 57.


    Working towards Tier 4 soldiers. My prerequisites are at least level 6, working on 7 and 8.

    Assassin's Creed: Unity

    The next chapter in the series. My rig is getting older and I'm really hoping that it can keep up. Update: It's not doing a good job of keeping. The movements are very jerky which makes the game play even more challenging.

    12% complete


    Renovating a house using a match game.

    I'm working on the garage.


    This is my workout game. Normally I don't like doing cardio all by itself, but I play this on a tablet while riding a stationary bike. Gets me going in the morning - mind and body.

    ON HOLD: World of Warcraft

    I've had to put this on hold for now. I plan on finishing the project, but taking a break for now. So many other games to play...

    There have been a lot of changes since I last played this game 9 years ago. The game is quite nerfed, but max is now level 110 which makes it less daunting to hit the max level.


    I've gotten a little ambitious and started one character of each class and I've started at least one of each profession. The whole team is leveling at the same time. Each character is named after a breakfast cereal, so naturally they are Team Cereal. Each character is at least level 59 at the moment. Yay, everyone has 100% ground riding!


    The team is in Outlands and the druid has flying.


    Ok, patch 7.3.5 is out and leveling the team just became an even more monumental task. The mobs now scale with the characters and their hit points have jumped up about 200% meanwhile it now takes 60% more xp for each level. Dungeons are also scaled which will make them a challenge again. At first, I wasn't sure about the scaled leveling and while it makes getting to the next level a bigger task the game is challenging again and I can't just sleep through it. I'm on board until the next change....


    (Did I mention that I love flying? Flying mounts are awesome! Water mount is awesome! I will gladly spend all of my gold to go faster.)

  • Recently Completed:

    Cookie Clicker

    33/33 Evolutions with 3 points in God World

    414/414 Achievements

    Milk Rank XVII - Maple milk

    Prestige Upgrades 75/79


    Yes, I cheated. There was no way I wanted to run this game continuously for at least 2 years to get the sugar lumps. I got extra Sugar Lumps and Cookies to put me over the top.


    I found a great tip for the Achievement: Uncanny Clicker. I couldn't click fast enough on my mouse with one finger, two fingers, the 'twitch' method? or the 'drum roll' so I found an alternative method that is simple and not a hack per se. If you press LEFT SHIFT + LEFT ALT + NUM LOCK it will give your keypad the power of your mouse. Then rapidly pressing '5' and '+' will unlock the achievement. This worked for me and I'm clearly not a fast enough clicker any other way.

    The Battle Cats

    Strategy Tower Defense Game

    I finished Chapter 1, it said 'The End'. I was done with this game and happy not to keep going.

    Assassin's Creed: Rogue

    I really enjoy this series and some minor improvements make this installment even better.

    Go Berserk Darts!


    I'm still trying to figure out the best strategies for ship battles. I take way too much damage.

    Unicorn Evolution

    33/33 Evolutions with 3 points in God World

    About the same as Watermelon Evolution although with the videos to watch for free Evolutions.

    Watermelon Evolution

    33/33 Evolutions with 3 points in God World

    It's so simple, yet rewarding.

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